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Bexley’s poor little rich girl

16th October 2011

Dead wood in and out of the council chamber

I never get around to watching TV, one programme a week currently, but fortunately readers are more on the ball, hence the picture of councillor Katie Perrior on BBC’s Watchdog on 6th October. I don’t know whether she made a genuine complaint like a normal viewer or was called in to fill a hole as an ‘industry insider’, but the story was she had booked a British Airways flight to the USA and decided to “treat myself to an upgrade” only to find that her inflight entertainment system didn’t work. Katie’s complaint to BA resulted in £50 compensation but that wasn’t good enough for her, she complained to Watchdog; or as I suspect is more likely was bemoaning her luck in a posh wine bar with her media friends when it was realised that her disappointment with BA would ideally fill out a programme highlighting several BA failings.

Nothing much wrong with any of that, but what is a struggling Bexley mother, unable to be a councillor without her £22,615 allowance, who knows what it is like to be “not rich”, doing flitting off to the States at all, let alone splashing out on an upgrade as a treat? Presumably it is because her letter to the Bexley Chronicle last March was an attempt to deceive the electorate. If that is how she thinks a councillor should behave, she is in good company at Bexley council.

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