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Rubbish recycling

Dead wood in and out of the council chamber

Whilst Bexley’s record on recycling is on the whole good, nothing is perfect. The picture (taken yesterday) is of my nearest recycling centre and shows the paper bin now approaching four weeks without being emptied. Last time this happened Serge Poulo who was looking after such things at the time told me there was a dispute between the council and the contractor, the latter apparently claiming that the paper was badly contaminated. Mr. Poulo seemed to think that couldn’t possibly be true but as a regular observer of the bins I knew he was wrong. Some people put anything through the large opening, not only plastic, polystyrene and tins, but also broken furniture.

After Mr. Poulo moved on I was never able to get his successor to reply to email so I gave up reporting problems. Mr. Poulo must be a popular man, for some unexplained reason ‘Serge Poulo’ is a regular Google search bringing visitors to the Bonkers site. Not as frequent as ‘Chris Loynes’ or ‘Eva Read’, but close.

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