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Bexley Conservatives attack Ken Livingstone

Pots call the kettle black

Ken's fare deal

Every now and again I get the impression that Bexley council is worried that their antics are being subjected to too much public scrutiny. Yesterday’s News Shopper gave its front page to Ken Livingstone’s visit on Monday when traders told him exactly what they thought of Bexley Conservatives setting out to ruin their businesses with ever higher parking charges and monthly fees for putting a flower pot outside their doors. A phone call from a friend on the inside said Bexley council is not sure where to hide and 46 views of this page yesterday from the House of Commons suggests they can’t.

One thing Bexley Conservatives did do yesterday was hand out anti-Ken leaflets to commuters as they got off their trains. A kind lady took a picture of them on her mobile phone.

Even though the ‘Facts’ may be true the same sort of list could be compiled against Bexley Conservatives. I think I’ll make a start by making a table of parking charges to see if councillor Craske’s claim that Bexley is cheapest is a great big lie or not.

Parking 4 Free
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