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Harrow Manorway Bus Lane

Harrow Manorway

On 6th August 2000 I wrote to Christopher Duffield who was then the Chief Executive of Bexley council about changed road markings in Harrow Manorway. My letter said…

“Where the road crosses the railway it is briefly dual carriage-way, the rest of it being normal two-way working. One could argue that such a short dual carriageway is practically worthless except that it has become a bus terminus (the 180 used to terminate there) and as such the road is effectively divided into a bus station and a lane for through traffic. There is no particular problem with that.

So what is the point of spending so much money painting the road red to achieve no change of use? It cannot possibly speed up bus progress as the road does not suffer congestion and at only a few metres long the lane would not be effective. Passing motorists will carry on as before bypassing the parked buses; unless of course some evil council mind decides to use bus lane infringement as a tax raising device.

I am perplexed. How does this latest folly fit in with your constantly stated desire to improve the quality of life?”

On 12th September I wrote again as my letter had been totally ignored. Ten days later Malcolm Chamberlain - Group Engineer Traffic & Road Safety - replied. He said that “many passengers used the bus stops and new shelters should be provided shortly.” and “There had been problems in this area caused by people stopping cars on the bridge to wait for passengers. It was agreed that provision of a bus lane would stop drivers from parking in this manner”. He agreed that the bus lane was of no other worth and the reason for its installation was unlawful.

So there you have it. Bexley council will install a bus lane where double yellow lines are the appropriate deterrent measure and reap the bonus of heavier fines. That area is festooned with cameras spying on your every move. You can stand in one place and count eleven of the things. So it’s not as though they can’t see the inconsiderate parkers, but as it is a bus lane the penalty is doubled. Who are the real criminals?

September 2009

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