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Cookies are used on this website to ensure a more personalised experience and to count the number of page visits. If you choose to change the text size on any blog page or select ‘Mobile mode’ a cookie stores the user preference - but nothing else. If nothing else deletes it, it will self destruct after 12 months.

The cookies that count hits are known as ‘Google Analytics’, they collect no personal information or IP address.

Any cookie used will be sent to your browser and stored in the cookies folder of your computer. To find out how to reject, delete or update your cookie preferences in your browser you need to know what browser you use and what version of it you have. Most browsers have guidelines on how to adjust cookie settings, use the 'Help' menu to find this information. You can learn more about managing cookies at

The Blog configuration cookie may be deleted by clicking here. The effect will be identical to selecting the first (default) item on the Blog configure menu but there will be no Cookie.

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