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Bonkers Blog August 2017

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Sainsbury's sell melted ice-cream

15 August (Part 2) - The ‘delightful’ Cllr. John Davey

Probably he won’t thank me for reminding you, but it was Councillor John Davey, late of Lesnes Abbey ward, who was the inspiration for Bonkers, for that is how he described Bexley’s road planning.

He would probably want me to tell you that he was referring to TfL funded schemes that were hang-overs from Ken Livingstone’s time (the first Labour Mayor of London) but things have not got any better since as the works in Albion Road ought to tell you.

John Davey may not have been directly responsible for ruining perfectly good roads in the borough but he did himself no favours by ignoring emails in 2009 about motorists being fleeced by parking restrictions put in place after they had legally parked.

Because of that history Bonkers was more than a little rude about Councillor John Davey in its early days but over time I came to recognise that I misjudged the man. Maybe not the greatest accolade one could award but in terms of honesty and integrity he stands head and shoulders above Councillor Philip Read.

TweetBoth have something in common, a Twitter addiction.

The big difference is that John Davey is happy to debate issues with almost anyone, even those who loudly voice their disagreement. (I can think of one exception.)

TweetA few days ago he was trumpeting the official Bexley Council line that road accident statistics are on an improving trend and I replied that things were not quite as simple as that and some figures were giving cause for concern.

John said he would be delighted if I could prove him wrong. Can you imagine the Northumberland numpty doing that?

All the ‘evidence’ I have to hand is in the Agenda for the last Transport Users’ Sub-Committee meeting. The accident tables are reproduced below.

In line with Bonkers’ usual policy of providing as much of the evidence as possible you may see more of the report by clicking on the accident tables.

Serious accidents and the resultant casualties have been going up while slight accidents are much the same, up by an almost immeasurable amount in 2016.

As John had rightly said or at least implied, serious injuries are well down on what they were ten years ago. On average 90 a year then but only 29 now.

Bexley Councillors, John Davey included, will be under instructions to put a positive spin on everything but Bonkers’ brief is to probe a little deeper.

Accident statistics over the past two or three years have been trending in the wrong direction. It may be a statistical blip, the sample size is small, but it may just be the result of Bexley’s roads being designed to cause maximum frustration for drivers. Meanwhile Bexley Council would much rather look the other way and tell you fibs.

Don’t tell anyone but Councillor Davey will actually speak to me if he thinks no one else is looking.


15 August (Part 1) - The deluded Cllr. Read thinks Bonkers supports Labour!

The Northumberland Heath Numpty has me blocked on Twitter, it’s not due to something I said, he always has done. It probably says something about Councillor Philip Read but in other ways it matters not one jot.
I’ve blocked a few commercial Twitter accounts that have annoyed me with too many adverts but no one who has merely commented on the worth or otherwise of this blog. It would just seem to be petty-minded to me.

Philip Read was blocked by someone yesterday and he rightly shrugged it off. Blocking stops discussions but it cannot stop Tweets being read and Poisonous Phil is still not happy with me.
Blocked Sad
He is also totally deluded. Bonkers? Labour supporting? Is Read totally nuts?

When has Bonkers ever sent out a pro-Labour message? The blog is anti-dishonesty and it just so happens that all the dishonesty on display comes from the Tory ranks. They could put that right but they choose not to.

Maybe Read did not notice when Bonkers supported his pro-Brexit stance and got it in the neck from a number of Labour Councillors.

When one of their former colleagues was drummed out of the Cooperative movement for deceiving them over his qualifications, was the story suppressed? Did Bonkers hush up the fact that it was a Labour Councillor who tittle tattled to Councillor Seymour that someone had posted a picture of his house on Twitter (but no name or address) which resulted in the malicious prosecution of a resident?

Bonkers has never been Labour supporting and maybe that is why I don’t often hear from them, they cannot count absolutely on Bonkers’ support. They are right to be cautious but the present crew have always been polite and friendly even though a thorough search of past blogs will reveal the occasional critical comment. Unlike Councillor Philip Read they are man enough to take the rough and tumble of politics.


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