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Bonkers Blog April 2017

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Sidcup Place

26 April - The last few days of Tavy Bridge

Tavy BridgeBexley Council has issued another Press Release about its Albion Road wrecking programme. (A dual carriageway is being reduced to a single track.)

Next week the section between Townley Road and the Oaklands (Bowling Centre) roundabout - will be reopened but it is not time for celebrations.

Immediately afterwards the Westbound section from Highland Road to Townley Road will be closed for a couple of months. Access to adjacent property will be severely restricted and a map is linked to the Press Release.

The residents of Bexleyheath have the benefit of a Press Release for this road closure but Thamesmead has only a Legal Notice which doubtless few have read.

It announces that the principal route to and from Abbey Wood is to be closed completely for approximately two days. The Notice says the road was due close last Monday but it wasn’t and if common sense prevails it won’t be done until the weekend. The reason for the closure is that the ugly concrete footbridge and adjacent library is to be demolished.

If you are feeling nostalgic that another chunk of Thamesmead is due to bite the dust, a selection of old and new photographs from 2012 to the present day is available.


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