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Bonkers Blog June 2019

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18 June (Part 2) - Local Labour Councillors succeed after Bexley Council let us all down

Leather Bottle Leather BottleIt has not been a good few days for Kulvinder Singh. First his retrospective planning disaster and now his company Balmonza Ltd is to be prosecuted for the way it demolished Ye Olde Leather Bottle, the historic old pub on Heron Hill.

Bexley Council did not cover themselves with glory in 2016; put simply Mr. Singh started the demolition without warning, threatened anyone who took an interest, me included, while Bexley Council stood idly by doing nothing.

Fortunately Labour Councillor Daniel Francis was not so complacent and while his efforts could not prevent the demolition he did create a sufficiently big fuss to arouse the interest of Council Leader Teresa O’Neill and perhaps more importantly that of the Health & Safety Executive.

Councillor Francis and a number of residents were separately invited for interview by the H&SE and I was there for an hour or so on 17th November 2016 adding descriptions and a signature to my photos.

It has taken an awful long time for the H&SE to get around to doing anything, but as a a direct result of Councillor Francis’s efforts, Balmonza Ltd is due in Court on 21st August.

Labour Group Press Release.

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18 June (Part 1) - Justice prevails, sort of

Devastation Devastation DevastationThe consequences of the unauthorised desecration of Lesnes Abbey woods by Kulvinder Singh’s company has reached another milestone. His application for retrospective planning permission (19/00194/FUL) has been refused after the biggest public backlash that Bexley Council’s Planning Department has ever seen.

Well done the McCann family for organising the public protest via Facebook and elsewhere. They have been given retrospective planning permission (18/03147/FUL) for the soil which Singh dumped in their garden changing its appearance for ever.

Not perhaps a good outcome overall but perhaps as good as could be hoped for.

Now let’s see Singh attempt to remove his concrete monstrosity.

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