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According to Inspector Knacker, being unfriendly is a crime

Bonkers Blog April 2018

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Old Farm

24 April (Part 3) - The choice

You can lose parks, continue to spend a great deal of money on a CCTV system that is no longer allowed to reach its full potential or you can put your trust in this man.


24 April (Part 2) - On the slow train

If you live within easy reach of Slade Green or Abbey Wood stations and work in north London you may be in for a treat in four weeks time. On 20th May a new service will connect Rainham and Luton running on the North Kent line via Blackfriars, Farringdon and King’s Cross. It will be nice to be able to avoid that rather dreadful interchange between the main line and the Underground at London Bridge but maybe not so nice that you will only have a train every 30 minutes and it is slow. The 11:15 from Dartford is typical, it doesn’t get to London Bridge until 11:58 (43 minutes) and that is after missing three stations.

New generationA few years ago an all stations train would do the journey in 39 minutes. Where has all that money gone?

On expensive slogans perhaps?

For the past three or four weeks I have most days seen the Thameslink test train head down towards Rainham and back again at midday. Today I decided I should try to get some pictures.

The train was ten minutes late due to a broken down Southeastern train and a trespasser on the line near Dartford. It went racing through Abbey Wood which didn’t seem like much of a test to me. Aren’t they going to practice stopping?

The Siemens built class 700 train is new and has already acquired a dubious reputation. Passengers complain of hard seats and 29 degrees Celsius on board temperatures.

Thameslink Thameslink Thameslink Thameslink
The route map and timetable is available here. Not easy you use. I would recommend searching the PDF for Abbey Wood or whatever. Otherwise you may finish up in Bedford or Littlehampton.


24 April (Part 1) - The questions fraud continues

The Leader didn’t really need to parade three sham members of the public in front of the Cabinet to ask silly questions, they had 45 Councillors who could have done the same thing. Actually 44 as Maxine Fothergill has not shown up at any Council meeting in the past six months and maybe a more limited choice if some Councillors retain any integrity after four years of toeing Teresa’s line. Fortunately for her Andy Dourmoush (Conservative, Longlands) another Councillor, like Fothergill and the Masseys, who does not live in the borough has mislaid his scruples. I am a little surprised, he has always seemed to be a decent enough chap.

His question worthy of the worst classroom creep was aimed at Cabinet Member for Finance Don Massey.
DourmoushCouncillor Dourmoush didn’t really need to ask Don Massey that question because all the figures are available on Bonkers. The Labour administration hit Bexley’s pockets really hard and the Tories since then have managed to hit us just a little bit harder.

Complaining that Labour dumped us near the top of the high Council Tax League - only eight Councils charged more - while making that bad situation worse is not a legacy that Councillor Massey should be crowing about.

Cabinet Member Massey appeared at first to struggle to conceal the raw facts so he immediately digressed and compared London Labour Councils with Conservative run ones more generally. Ignoring the fact that Labour run Newham has the lowest Council Tax in Outer London he said there was an amazing correlation between high tax and Labour Councils.

He had to go back to 1994 to find Bexley figures that might suit his agenda and told us that in the four years of a Lib/Lab coalition the Council Tax rates went up by “a stunning 67%”. For the following Conservative period he could only say they were “substantially lower”. Let me help him, the increase was just over 25%.

Councillor Massey can perhaps rightly claim that the Conservative Council has tried to keep tax rates low but what he doesn’t want to tell you is that Bexley has done less well than other high taxing Councils. It used to be lower than Labour run Haringey for example and now it isn’t.

Councillor Dourmoush then felt obliged to indulge in a spot of muck raking by mentioning the name Munir Malik a former Bexley Labour Councillor who said four years ago that the borough was on a path heading towards municipal bankruptcy. “Could the Cabinet Member explain how he avoided that scenario and does he agree that Mr. Malik’s return to the Labour fold tells us all we need to know about what Labour’s plans for Bexley would be?”

Councillor Massey said it was down to “basic financial sense and hard work. The problem with the opposition is that they like spending money. They left reserves far too low”.

DeadmanCouncillor Alan Deadman put in a plea for the lowest paid Council workers to be paid more but Councillor Massey (£27,000 Council allowances, a well paid job in Financial Services and a Register of Interests which is two years out of date) said “we can only spend the money we have got and I do not agree with Councillor Deadman”.

Mr. Munir Malik did not stand for election in 2014 but is a Labour candidate in Crayford in 2018.

Councillor Melvyn Seymour (Conservative, Crayford) kindly provided Cabinet Member Peter Craske with an opportunity to spin the library story. Would it be fiction or non-fiction?

Councillor Craske said that attendance at libraries across the country had been declining for the past 20 years “but here in Bexley, as ever, we buck the trend. Unlike other boroughs which have closed them or sold them off we have invested in our libraries”.

“We have the workary in Welling library and 3,000 people attended our book festival. I am very proud of what we achieved.”

Councillor Seymour¹s supplementary ‘question’ to Councillor Craske was to ask if he would “thank all the staff involved for their work in making Crayford Library the home of the new Post Office”. If that was a public question it would not be allowed on the grounds that it is not a question. On the other hand the rules tend to fly out of the window when nothing critical is said.

“Yes I would” came the reply and people queuing for a stamp had caused “footfall to go up 87% and items borrowed by 21%. Three libraries have been refurbished in three months” leading up to the election.

FerreiraCouncillor Joe Ferreira (Labour, Erith) asked what progress had been made towards allowing libraries to accept payment for “the full portfolio of Council services”.

Cabinet Member’s answer is best summarised as none. He chose instead to waffle about a cinema in Sidcup and accused Labour of wanting to close libraries.

As mayhem began to break out the Mayor’s egg-timer once again dropped its last grain of sand thus rescuing Cabinet Member Craske from further embarrassment.


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