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News and Comment January 2022

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21 January - Council neglect leads to vandalism

Various jobs are taking far too long; the fibre installation will probably take only another day but I stupidly started another project. Updating my 15 year old AV system to make it ‘Smart’. Wires everywhere right now and hence no time for blogging beyond the trivial.

But is it trivial when it eventually costs taxpayers money?

Bin BinThe big paper bin was emptied again today and once again shoved back to front against a wall so that the opening is out of reach. You won’t want to see another photo of that but maybe a closer view will be in order.

I don’t know who it is who abuses our eight month old bin but it has been vandalised. Frustration with no access to the proper opening has led to the lock being ripped out and in the process the hinges bent so that the main lid no longer closes properly.

That will cost money if it is ever fixed and is the direct result of CountryStyle proving to be a worse operator than Serco. Or maybe I should say that it is down to Councillors who negligently fail to let CountryStyle know how careless their staff can be.

The things people do to other people’s property never ceases to amaze me. A rented house and a rented flat, both closer to me than the bins were vacated recently. The house took four weeks to become habitable again and the flat still isn’t. Wrecked, so I heard, and work continues.

I knew both occupants by name and they seemed to be pleasant enough people but apparently they didn’t follow what used to be traditional British standards. There is a common factor but I don’t want to be in Clive Mardiner’s bad books again.


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