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The Crossrail index

An aid to navigating 8,000 photos of Crossrail developments in and around Abbey Wood

Blogs and photo features that include extensive track laying pictures are suffixed †
Date is day of publication

Images are © Malcolm Knight but may be downloaded for any reasonable railway, industrial or personal use.

Around the station

The Opening - 24th May 2022
The build up to the big day - 19th May 2022
Marking time until opening day - 1st March 2020
Ticket barriers, new drain, temporary Gayton Road footpath, new signs, three trains, 12 space car park finished - 26th August 2018
Getting there while moving out. Escalators, signs, gates, drains and a tiny car park - 1st July 2018
Lights on stairs, two Crossrail trains, yet more drains, station car park takes shape and pigeon wars! - 6th May 2018
Still no Felixstowe Road lifts, handrails on, handrails off, and the occasional flood - 11th February 2018
Gayton lifts open, temporary footbridge removed, barriers fail, stairs nearly complete, toilets open, rail map still wrong - 17th December 2017
Station opens, coffee available at 2.60 a cup, the train has arrived but the external lifts are still behind barricades - 19th November 2017
The new station. It opens! - 22nd October 2017
The last day of Southeastern management at Abbey Wood station - 21st October 2017
The mad scramble for completion. all hands to the pumps, literally at times - 20th October 2017
The finishing touches, lots of them. Cladding the concrete and a few water problems - 24th September 2017
Mainly lifts - 27th August 2017
Electrifying, roofing, concrete pumping, bricklaying and Fred’s 54th birthday - 30th July 2017
Platform canopy and OH power line extended. Stairs and two lift shafts completed. Mid-platform escalators - 2nd July 2017
Station stairs and platform canopy nears completion. Southern lift shaft unveiled - 4th June 2017
More lifting, concreting, cabling. (Excluding footbridge and stairs - See 14th and 15th May) - 21st May 2017
Installing the roof on Abbey Wood station stairs - 15th May 2017
Installing the Abbey Wood western footbridge - 14th May 2017
Beyond the barriers. Inside Abbey Wood station - 11th May 2017
A bit of concrete but mainly fences, miles of fences. You can forget about useful observation - 23rd April 2017
Overhead power line support, more stairs, more concrete, more glass and more fences. Far too many fences - 2nd April 2017
Points installed, first set of stairs almost complete second begun, station building glazed - 19th March 2017 †
Scaffolding up, scaffolding down, stairs up, piling down, bridge support up, track down - 5th March 2017 †
Platform base, signal box and acoustic fence finished. Stairs and station equipment room started. More ballast laying - 19th February 2017
Platform extended, enormous acoustic screen, windows for station and a lift shaft takes shape - 5th February 2017
Preparing the ground, pouring the concrete and installing the pre-cast concrete platform - 8th January 2017
After many weeks of preparation, the Crossrail platform makes an appearances - 11th December 2016
A bit more roofing but a lot more concreting before the Crossrail platform can be built - 27th November 2016
Digging, concreting, roofing and for good measure, another half mile of track - 13th November 2016 †
Piling, Draining, Concreting and Roofing - 30th October 2016
The southern roof beams are all in place, the north side is not far behind and countless platform piles - 16th October 2016
Excavating, piling and station roofing - 2nd October 2016
Station roof goes up. Old platform come down and the inevitable concrete pouring - 18th September 2016
The first train, the new roof makes good progress and the old Platform 2 is destroyed - 4th September 2016
A new wall, more scaffolding, lots of new electrical bits, track shifted and a new platform ready for use - 21st August 2016
Crossrail track bed progresses and the station podium over the tracks is just about completed - 7th August 2016
Canopy, Tannoy, CCTV, scaffolding, concrete, ashphalt, piling, beams, slabs and demolishing the flyover wall - 24th July 2016
Platform 2 basic structure completed and track laid. The northern wall makes an appearance - 10th July 2016 †
Platform 2 construction and the station takes shape on the southern side - literally. (it’s to be a shop.) - 26th June 2016
Platform 2 construction. Lots of concrete and iron on the northern side and the flyover bus shelter demolished - 12th June 2016
Platform 2 construction - 30th May 2016
Flyover pedestrian route changed. Construction of Platform 2 commences. Podium extended and Crossrail track piling - 15th May 2016
Spring Bank holiday. Podium progresses fast and more track realignment - 2nd May 2016
Work starts on Dartford bound track bed. Harrow Manorway rearranged. Station podium progresses - 29th April 2016
Northern wall construction begins. More support columns installed and old Platform 1 completely gone - 17th April 2016
Old platform destruction continues. Station podium takes shape. Felixstowe Road entrance closed - 3rd April 2016
More support columns. Destruction of old Platform 1 commences. First sections of station podium installed - 20th March 2016
The first train on Platform 1. More excavating and first station support columns appear - 6th March 2016 †
North Kent track realigned to connect Platform 1 to the network - 21st February 2016 †
Finishing touches to Platform 1 and the wall is pumped full of concrete - 12th February 2016
More track for Platform 1 and the wall makes progress - 31st January 2016 †
Digging, piling and the wall shuttering is installed - 17th January 2016
Digging, concreting and the first iron for the southern station wall - 3rd January 2016
Platform 1 progresses and more excavating - 20th December 2015
Track for Platform 1 nears completion. Platform canopy installation starts - 13th December 2015
Track laying, piling and utility diversion - 6th December 2015 †
Track laying for platform 1 and utility diversion - 25th November 2015 †
Utility diversion, platform construction and lots of piling - 22nd November 2015
Utility diversion, piling, platform construction, lots of digging and water - 8th November 2015
Digging, piling, platform construction and tackling the water problem - 25th October 2015
The Abbey Wood TP hut is demolished - 24th October 2015
Digging, piling and platform construction - 9th October 2015
More digging and piling for the new station - 3rd October 2015
Station foundations continue and track bed preparation - 25th September 2015
Bostal Manorway footbridge - 9th September 2015
Station excavation, piling, platform construction and track bed laying - 9th September 2015
Installing the new Traction Paralleling Hut - 7th June 2015
Abbey Wood Station. The End - 17th May 2015
Demolishing Abbey Wood’s Southern station ramp (footbridge) - 22nd March 2015
Preparing for the big jobs. Demolishing, drilling, piling, wall building - 17th March 2015
Lots of preparations. Houses demolished, Northern station ramp (footbridge) demolished - 22nd December 2014
Temporary station opens at Abbey Wood - 26th October 2014
A selection of older (2013/2014) Crossrail photos - 19th May 2017

East of Abbey Wood

The End Game - 2nd August 2017
The track is down, the points go in and the buffers are stuck on the end - 26th February 2017 †
Strengthening the track bed before the Crossrail to North Kent line points are installed - 4th December 2016 †
Months of preparation, piling and concreting and the track goes down in not much more than 24 hours - 6th November 2016 †
The railway noise problem east of Abbey Wood station - 12th September 2016
Piling and concreting the track bed - 11th September 2016
Preparing the ground for the Crossrail track - Piling - 5th June 2016
Preparing the ground for the Crossrail line and realigning the North Kent track - 28th March 2016 †
Earth moving - 17th January 2016
Temporary fly tip! - 9th January 2016
Fencing - 24th December 2015
Two train journeys from Belvedere to Abbey Wood - 12th December 2015
Utility diversion, platform construction and lots of piling - 22nd November 2015
Trackside tree felling - 7th November 2015
Trackside tree felling - 25th October 2015
Track adjustments - 13th September 2015 †
Renewing the North Kent track - 6th September 2015 †
Renewing the North Kent track - 5th September 2015 †
A train journey from Belvedere to Abbey Wood - 27th August 2015 †
Renewing the North Kent track - 25th August 2015 †

West of Bostall Manorway

Plumstead and back again - Journey 12 - 17th November 2016
Removal of old Bostall Manorway footbridge - 26th September 2015
Track delivered to the tunnel - 15th September 2015 †
Crossrail from Plumstead to Church Manorway - Journey 11 - 11th September 2015 †
Bostall Manorway footbridge nears completion - 10th September 2015
Crossrail from Church Manorway to Plumstead - Journey 10 - 5th September 2015 †
Crossrail from Church Manorway to Plumstead - Journey 9 - 27th August 2015 †
Installation of Bostall Manorway footbridge - 24th August 2015
Crossrail from Church Manorway to Plumstead - Journey 8 - 18th August 2015 †
Crossrail from Church Manorway to Plumstead - Journey 7 - 16th August 2015 †
Crossrail from Church Manorway to Plumstead - Journey 6 - 15th August 2015 †
Crossrail from Church Manorway to Plumstead - Journey 5 - 9th August 2015 †
Crossrail from Church Manorway to Plumstead - Journey 4 - 2nd August 2015 †
Crossrail from Church Manorway to Plumstead - Journey 3 - 30th July 2015 †
Crossrail from Church Manorway to Plumstead - Journey 2 - 19th July 2015 †
Crossrail from Church Manorway to Plumstead - Journey 1 - 12th July 2015 †
Bostall Manorway to Eynsham Drive - 16th June 2014


All in a day's work - for a simpleton - 22nd January 2016
Cross with Crossrail - 15th November 2015


A little bit of positive news for a change - 17th June 2010
Bexley council’s pedestrian attitude - 22nd June 2012
Crossrail. Taken far too literally - 28th June 2012
Crossrail developments - 18th March 2014
Crossrail exhibition - 27th February 2014
Crossrail. First sign of temporary Abbey Wood station - 23rd February 2014
Crossrail lives up to its name - 11th April 2014
BT takes charge of Wilton Road, Abbey Wood - 14th April 2014
Crossrail likely to generate a Thamesmead Tax and a Lesnes Levy on residents - 14th September 2016
Tracking errors - 11th November 2021
Opening with a bang? - 27th April 2022
It’s Crossrail, right? - 1st May 2022
It was a long wait but finally… - 18th May 2022

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