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The Rhys Lawrie index

An aid to locating information about circumstances leading up to and
beyond the murder of Rhys Lawrie


Rhys Lawrie has been dead 7 years but still the accusations fly - 22nd August 2019
Something smells - 11th August 2019
Birds of a feather - 4th August 2019
Council and police compete in the corruption stakes - 30th January 2017
Rhys Lawrie - It’s complicated - 4th July 2015
Bexley council still trying to dodge questions on their failure to prevent a child murder - 24th June 2015
Deceit and dishonesty at every level - 19th November 2013
Inconvenient evidence - 27th August 2013
Rhys Lawrie. The trial and beyond - 19th August 2013
When Rhys Lawrie died, where was Cameron? - 14th August 2013
Rhys Lawrie. The mother’s story - 13th August 2013
Rhys Lawrie. Bexley council’s suspicious behaviour - 9th August 2013
Keeping the pot boiling - 29th July 2013
Economical with the truth - 24th July 2013
39 injuries from falling off a sofa. Death from natural causes! - 22nd July 2013
Rhys Lawrie. The final weeks - 16th July 2013
Rhys. The neglectful years - 15th July 2013
Caring for Rhys. Bexley council’s lamentable failure - 13th July 2013
Child murder - 11th July 2013

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