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Index to photo features

The date is the day of publication or intended publication

Photo features

In development. ‘Harrow Manorway flyover reconfiguration’ is currently scheduled for completion on - 26th August 2018
The demise of Tavy Bridge - A pictorial history - 28th May 2017
Wilton Road Public Realm Regeneration (Bexley side) - 30th April 2017
Wilton Road Public Realm Regeneration (Greenwich side) - 19th March 2017
Sidcup’s Walled Garden - 12th December 2016
Wilton Road Regeneration (Shop Fronts) - 2nd October 2016
The railway noise problem east of Abbey Wood station - 12th September 2016
Erith Fun Day - 10th July 2016
Farage’s Fishing Flotilla - 15th June 2016
Nigel Farage storms into Bexleyheath - 14th June 2016
Sidcup High Street Regeneration - 25th February 2015

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