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Everything connected with the monstrosity which is 238 Woolwich Road

An aid to locating blogs relating to Mr. Singh’s nuclear bunker


Just a spot of landscaping, you won’t mind will you? - 2nd October 2018
There is no stopping Mr. Singh - 4th October 2018
Drawing a line - 9th October 2018
Singh, Steward, Sold and Sense - 3rd November 2018
Money grabbers, vandals, more vandals, xenophobes and criminals - 29th January 2019
Just deserts (sic) - 31st January 2019
Catching up on things - 26th February 2019
The Leather Bottle site remains a mess, should we believe the developer’s plans for Woolwich Road? - 3rd March 2019
Ancient woodland destroyed while Bexley Council stands by powerless to stop it - 16th March 2019
Justice prevails, sort of - 18th June 2019
Karma - 15th September 2019
He moved the earth but not yet the Planning Committee - 21st June 2020
Bexleyְ’s Bonkers Bunker becomes permanent - 15th February 2021
Bexley Council’s Planning Department. Not fit for purpose - 3rd May 2021
A walk in the park - 15th May 2021


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