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News and Comment August 2019

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25 August - BiB accused of complicity in Council child death cases

After I met Trevor Lawrie last Thursday to allow him to update Mick Barnbrook, Elwyn Bryant, John Watson and me on his new evidence of what few will doubt -  a probable joint Bexley Council/Police cover up operation following the murder of his grandson - he sent me the following email and asked for it to be shared on line.

Trevor has pursued what he sees as a miscarriage of justice relentlessly without becoming obsessive or irrational or just plain nasty as some in his position can be. More about that later, but meanwhile Trevor’s email.

I have read with great interest your blogs regarding some old adversaries of mine back in 2011-2013, namely Sheila Murphy ex-Deputy Director in Bexley Children Services and Rory Patterson ex-Director and “Independent Chair” of the dubious Serious Case Review into the life long abuse and subsequent murder of Rhys, which Bexley Council was fully aware of after being tipped off by the mother herself, the Health Visitor and Staff of Shenstone School who had grave concerns over his safety. Both Bexley Council and the Police tried to cover up the murder, I was dead against it and fought tooth and nail through the Courts and Heads of Departments.

In my pursuit of the truth as to what the individual people knew about the Rhys case, I noticed every time I looked onto someone they would quietly drop out of sight and Sheila Murphy would have no knowledge of where they went to. They would vanish into thin air so much so that Ofsted in its 2014 report said Bexley Council had problems with replacing senior staff who had left.

But now you have discovered Sheila Murphy and Rory Patterson in Thurrock, with their usual trademark of causing chaos and mayhem in their Children Services as well, and the usual cover ups that follow.

It is clear that some of our corrupt Councils up and down the Country take their recycling responsibilities very seriously, where they absorb each other’s rejects and waste product and then present them as fresh new faces with brand new ideas in their departments.

This merry go round of musical chairs not only perpetuates corruption and mismanagement in Local Governments, but on a more serious note puts the safeguarding and protection of our little children and vulnerable adults into grave danger, where these people are impossible to be rid off and move between the Councils and when things get hot they pack and move on, causing further mayhem where ever they go.

Our children will never be safe as long as Councils employ each others rejects and get their Legal Teams to swing into action to cover up the mess.

I take full responsibility for the contents of this report and have no problem if it appears in print in the Public Domain with my name attached to it.

Trevor LawrieTrevor’s email has been redacted only where he accused someone of murder who was not charged with that offence. Readers up to date with the Rhys Lawrie case will easily guess who he had in mind.

As I was saying, not everyone is as open and above board as Trevor. In particular an anonymous correspondent accuses me of dishonesty in the blog dated 22nd August. He or she says that I knew what I revealed then, in particular the doctoring of witness statements and “the snatching, gagging and sectioning” years ago.

This is an especially strange statement as the only time I heard of gagging and sectioning was when the same anonymous correspondent told me about it less than a month ago and I am sure Trevor would confirm he showed me the doctored witness statement for the very first time only four days ago.

Apparently I shouldn’t “act all surprised at what’s going on because you are party to it. Don’t pretend you just found out, if you had correctly reported what you knew, to central authorities, then perhaps these dead kids wouldn’t be dead at all. And the one that Paterson and Murphy are calling ‘The Disappeared’ wouldn’t be missing either. You have a lot to answer for.”

Here we have someone who hasn’t the guts to put a name to his missives but seeks my assistance with publicity and then sends abusive messages and makes grossly inaccurate accusations.

But his rant does not go as far as some. I suppose politicians are used to this sort of thing. Please excuse the language.

You were told that you can publish my child care case but you ask me for info then try to make a cunt of me.

Well, FUCKWIT I have the piccies you asked for stashed away. YES, the pics of HER with the people cited online and in newspapers some of whom were convicted relatively recently.

You you might do well to shut your trap in future you ignorant bastard. Clearly you have no sense of decorum, etiquette or manners.

Almost needless to say the lady who sent me that email was given no publicity and it is just possible that Bexley Council got away with metaphorical murder again. Very possibly the Thurrock informant will now get the same treatment. It’s a shame as there were many indications that he was on to something interesting involving a Council Leader, a Prime Minister and a psychiatrist.

It sounds like the plot of a good film, but one that will be canned.


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