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News and Comment November 2010

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2 November - More greed and amoral behaviour. It’s endemic!

Exactly three years ago, Nick Johnson, the then Chief Executive of Bexley council was so unwell he had to give up his job, poor thing. He was on £203k. a year and we were lumbered with paying him £50k. pension a year for life. But he wasn’t that unwell because just four months later he landed a £260k. job with Hammersmith & Fulham council. The rules dictate that he should have lost some of the Bexley funded pension when he suddenly found he wasn’t ill after all, but with some carefully arranged financial jiggery-pokery he managed to hold on to the lot. So he is now on £310,000 a year extracted from the mugs otherwise known as council-tax payers. And as is still common in Bexley, these parasites are hitched up to partners of a similar disposition. Johnson lives with the Chief Executive of Notting Hill’s housing association and their house just happens to be a flat only a few yards from Tony Blair’s grand mansion in Paddington. They are all at it; milking the system that is.

This story is unashamedly nicked from last Sunday’s Mail on Sunday. For the whole sordid tale click here.


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