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Bonkers Blog April 2011

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13 April (Part 1) - Fame at last!

It’s been a good week. On Monday there was confirmation that Bexley councillors read the blog, yesterday the story was picked up by several other bloggers which boosted the number of Bonkers readers very nicely thank you, and today I must say a very big thank you to the News Shopper (Bexley edition) which runs the story on page 3. They don’t give the actual web address but mention the site by name and my name too. Google either and the site is available for all to see. More readers! Lovely.

The Shopper carries a reader’s letter which ends “Let’s have a vote. Councillors or toilets?” Actually that is not as silly as it sounds and it is one of several things that will be discussed at this evening’s meeting of the Bonkers supporters club. One thing we can take off the agenda is how to increase the number of hits on Bexley is Bonkers. Thanks to Bexley council generating so much free publicity for the site, that is something which can be deferred for another time.


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