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Bonkers Blog April 2011

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19 April (Part 2) - Time bomb. Tick, tick

On 13 April when someone within the Civic Centre told me that his access to this website had been blocked I added, in parenthesis ‘libraries too probably’, to the blog. I have had two reports within the last couple of days that that isn’t the case. Apologies if my speculative comment caused confusion.

Witham in SE LondonSpeaking of confusion, Adam White, when writing for Time magazine last year was thoroughly confused by English geography, but something he saw or was told must have caused it. I wonder what that could be.

Adam told his readers that Priti Patel was MP for Witham in South East London. A journalistic mistake possibly but it seems an odd coincidence bearing in mind what we now know. All these facts have been brought together here in case someone else is looking into this mystery. Why on earth was Alex Sawyer’s marriage to Priti kept under wraps and require a Civic Centre leaker to bring it to light? It’s not something to be ashamed of is it? But perhaps there is something fishy going on. Maybe Alex and Priti live apart. That might explain everything.

Bexley council is currently refusing to release the electoral registration details for Alex Sawyer (Northumberland Heath, £9,543) which is in itself odd but it’s amazing what you can find on the web, so I now have an address should it be needed.


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