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Bonkers Blog August 2011

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24 August (Part 2) - Parking 4 Free

Parking 4 FreeToday’s News Shopper (Page 6) repeats Bexley council’s lie that the borough has the cheapest parking facilities and most parking spaces in SE London. I do hope that now that Linda Piper has left the paper it will not become a council mouthpiece - on the other hand if it does there will be more to write about here. Bexley council hasn’t yet learned the lesson that lying does not pay.

Councillor Linda ‘I can do what I like’ Bailey acts as the council’s spokeswoman behind the ‘cheapest and most’ claim and goes on to say Bexley is cheapest because she “wants people from outside the borough to come and support our shops and businesses”. Lies, lies, lies. The three nearest “outside the borough” rivals to Bexleyheath for shopping are Woolwich, Bromley and Dartford. 80 pence, 80 pence (†) and 50 pence (††) an hour respectively. Bexley £1 per hour; all night long and every day of the week too. How does that encourage business in Bexley? Does councillor Bailey (councillor Craske claims credit for the same work of fiction on their website) think the entire population is too stupid to see through her lies?

The accompanying picture was extracted from one of the Conservatives’ leaflets distributed only two years ago. Park 4 Free. You have to laugh don’t you?

Today’s News Shopper includes yet another letter about councillor Craske’s parking gestapo. Once again we have someone fined £110 for stopping for nine seconds. The Parking Adjudicator has pronounced such misdemeanours as too trivial to be an offence, but Craske is running amok in the borough. Where is NotoMob when you need them?

The letter writer goes on to say there should be “a campaign to stop these ludicrous parking fines”. I thought there already was; the biggest one of course comes in May 2014 when with any luck even true blue Bexley will realise that it is better off without the liar Craske.

† One central car park is 90 pence an hour. †† Central car parks : two hour minimum charge.


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