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Bonkers Blog August 2011

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25 August - Do the right thing

Daily Telegraph report“I urge them to do the right thing and lead from the front.” It sounds like the sort of thing that one of my associates might say but these are the words of Local Government Minister Grant Shapps as reported in The Daily Telegraph last Monday speaking about excessive council pay rates. In fact they are also the words of my associates who "Appeal to the leader of the council, Teresa O’Neill to support her Government and do the right thing” in the petition they have been taking from door to door.

Teresa O’Neill you may remember has frequently gone on the record to say that her Chief Executive, Will Tuckley, on a salary far above that of the Prime Minister in a borough that has contracted out all its main services and can’t have much left to do, is “good value for money”. She did so most recently at Boris Johnson’s Bexley Roadshow. Few residents agree with her. Yesterday evening members of the Bexley Council Monitoring Group descended on councillor Craske’s ward with their petition and scored 84 signatures and just one refusal.

Walking the streets is a slow business especially when so many people have a tale to tell as to why they do not like Bexley council so maybe you can help. If you download and print the petition form and get it filled (or nearly so) with signatures, a member of the BCMG will come and collect it from you. Just let me know when it is ready. So please take it to the pub or to your neighbour’s BBQ (if we ever see the sun again). Just make sure everyone is a Bexley resident. The target is to reach 2,000 signatures.

In similar helpful vein a volunteer has come forward offering to distribute a leaflet based on the Craske Catalogue to roads in his constituency to maximise the number of people who know exactly who it is who is fleecing motorists, lying about parking charges and gleefully fining people £110 a time for offences that the Parking Adjudicator for London has said is not an offence at all.

The petition is also available from the Politics menu of the main site. Alternative Word 2003 document.


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