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Bonkers Blog December 2011

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8 December (Part 1) - Post scripts

Parking Accounts

In yesterday’s report on the creative accounting indicated by comparison of the current Parking Accounts with the previous year’s I failed to make it absolutely clear that the current Accounts are not available from Bexley council. It has published only an edited extract and refused a Freedom of Information request for the complete version. A complaint is with the Information Commissioner. Given the mess of waste and incompetence that it reveals no one will be surprised at the stance of a habitually dishonest council.

Note: No dishonesty or deception was involved in obtaining the 2010/11 Parking Accounts on which yesterday’s report was based.

Petition against excessive salaries

The first stage of submission of the 2,200 signatures to Bexley council has failed. Councillor leader Teresa O’Neill refused to accept it. Stage 2 coming soon.

Knee Hill

The road closures in Abbey Wood forecast last month have been in force for about a week. Woolwich Road is closed each evening (not all day as indicated by Bexley council’s public notice) and traffic is diverted via Knee Hill, Abbey Road and New Road. Knee Hill as I should explain to readers in Bideford and beyond is a narrow winding 1 in 10 hill unsuitable for large vehicles and avoided by all local bus routes. At 7 p.m. yesterday I found myself stuck on it behind a huge articulated lorry, a 99 bus to Woolwich and a B11 on its way to Thamesmead all of which found themselves on the same bend at the same time. The executives who head Bexley council’s ‘public realm’ department are all on six figure salaries.


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