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Bonkers Blog December 2011

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8 December (Part 2) - Beware. Profiteers operate in this area

Northumberland Heath Primary SchoolEver since the dubious business practices of South Eastern Attendance Advisory Service (SEAAS) were featured here back in July there have been almost daily site visits by people Googling their name and a steady trickle of emails from concerned parents pursued by this unsavoury outfit of ex-Bexley council employees. At one time it seemed likely that SEAAS would feature in the national press but that came to nothing because Bexley council absolutely refused to comment on the issue. To be fair, I doubt they liked the situation any more than parents did. Probably no one likes it apart from the company owners and those schools who see signing up to SEAAS as a nice little earner.

When I first heard about SEAAS, headmistress Mrs. Jacqui Keelan of Barrington Road Primary School had been roped into the scheme but more have joined since. I am informed that schools operated by The Woodlands Academy Trust (Northumberland Heath Primary School, Peareswood Primary School and Willow Bank Primary School) have hit upon a nice little scam by announcing that their “policy” is to prosecute both parents separately so as to double all fines and their income. I have grave doubts that this can be legal but I have not the time to find out. However what I can offer is a copy of Bexley council’s guidelines (link below) to private companies such as SEAAS which may enable their would-be victims to check their modus-operandi very carefully and perhaps retaliate with some awkward questions.

141KB PDF file available here.


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