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Bonkers Blog July 2011

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19 July (Part 2) - Dirty Cops and Bent Justice

Corrupt cops Alastair Morgan with Kirsteen KnightIt is three months since Bexleyheath police threatened me with arrest for writing this blog. They refuse to discuss the matter and refuse to respond to their own Directorate of Professional Standards’ request to do so. It is two months since I requested information under the Subject Access Request procedures from Bexley council. They have failed to adhere to their legal requirements and I have heard nothing. It is six weeks since I reported the council inspired obscene blog to the police and they accepted it as evidence of a crime. Bexleyheath police appear to have done absolutely nothing. Since then everyone has learned from the news media how the police can be rotten to the core and the Bexleyheath police give every impression of being in the same mould. This morning I sent the following to Commander Stringer via email…


Dear Commander Stringer,

It is now six weeks since Mr. Elwyn Bryant and I provided you with evidence of a crime committed against us (a homophobic hate crime in the form of an obscene on-line blog) with strong indications that the perpetrator was someone within Bexley council. So far as can be seen, nothing has been done about our report. All that either Mr. Bryant and I have had from Bexleyheath police is an unsigned letter dated 14th June to say that you will require the services of a “data specialist”. I do not believe this to be the whole truth.

Within hours of the Council Leader Teresa O’Neill and Chief Executive Will Tuckley getting to hear of the blog the content was removed. That is not likely to be coincidence, any competent investigation would include interviewing them to discover what roles they played. Mr. Elwyn’s MP and Minister for Crime Reduction, James Brokenshire, said earlier this month that there must be “no safe havens for cybercriminals”; it would be deeply ironic if you provided one on his own doorstep.

Bexley Council and Bexleyheath police have long enjoyed an unhealthily close relationship. As you will know, your predecessor enjoyed lunch at council tax payers’ expense with the convicted fraudster and ex-council leader Ian Clement and under your stewardship the police still dances to the Council’s tune. In April you issued me with Form 9993 on the say-so of Bexley council with no investigation whatsoever. If you had not reacted blindly you may have realised that the council’s allegations were false. My own MP, Teresa Pearce, managed to extract the information that the council told you I had threatened someone on Bexley Council with “physical violence”. This would be an outrageous lie which you swallowed wholesale.

Since then you have refused to provide me with any details of my alleged offence, even after the Directorate of Professional Services twice pursuing the matter, you have remained silent. This failure on your part has had to be referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

In recent days the whole world has learned that the Metropolitan Police is corrupt. This is not news to me or my family, closely related as I am to the Morgan family. Daniel Morgan I would expect you to know was killed by an axe through his head almost certainly because he planned to reveal police corruption in 1987. The intervening 25 years have seen police corruption at every stage of the various failed investigations leading to a public apology from the police earlier this year. John Yates, the recently resigned Assistant Commissioner said “This case is one of the most deplorable episodes in the entire history of the Metropolitan Police Service. This family has been treated disgracefully”.

Your apparent failure to investigate crimes that have direct connections to Bexley council may not be in the same league as the police’s involvement in the murder of Daniel Morgan but I sense the same underlying corruption as I did 25 years ago. Then the police were covering up for their own detective, now you give the impression of covering up for your friends in Bexley Council. As a newcomer to Bexleyheath you have the opportunity to clean up the relationships with Bexley’s dishonest Council and I look forward to rapid progress on identifying the criminal who set up the obscene blog in my name and confirmation that you have interviewed the Council Leader and the Chief Executive.

Yours sincerely,

The murder of Daniel Morgan in 1987 has direct links to the current scandal at News International and Scotland Yard. Some of the names that have been in the news recently are the same names as were popping up 25 years ago in connection with Daniel’s murder. The Guardian recently reported that the News of the World employed someone directly implicated in putting an axe through Daniel Morgan’s head to suppress the leaking of damning information about the Metropolitan Police. The Morgan family have believed that to be the case for a very long time. Last night Channel 4 News covered the link between the News of the World and the hacking of the phone of Chief Superintendent Dave Cook who was in charge of the latest investigation into the murder. A police officer implicated in the murder is allowed to resign and take over the murdered private investigator’s company without the police investigating why. People widely thought to be involved in murder are hired by the NotW and forge close links to Scotland Yard. They are caught hacking the investigating officer’s phone but no charges are brought. A whistleblower who exposed people caught up in a murder inquiry is found dead in mysterious circumstances; the list goes on. You just can’t trust any of them and Commander Stringer of Bexleyheath police needs to rise above this corruption and investigate all crimes, whether perpetrated by his friends or not.

The photographs are of Daniel Morgan’s brother Alastair at one of his campaigns for justice and an end to police corruption at the very highest level following his brother’s death, and him and my daughter Kirsteen emerging from the Commons after one of many meetings with supportive MPs. ‘Dirty cops, bent justice and racism at Scotland Yard’ was the title of a book published in 2004 in an attempt to expose the police corruption in the Daniel Morgan case and others.


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