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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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6 June (Part 2) - A dirty trick is worth repeating

Just a few hours after the updated report on the Thames Innovation Centre (TIC) and the forthcoming unfair dismissal hearing went on line I received an unexpected email alleging the supplying of undated and unsigned copies of documents was not a new trick and that someone else had suffered the same treatment. Supplying undated documents as part of the disclosure of evidence procedure and filling in the missing detail only when it can be seen how the overall case is panning out looks like a despicable trick to me and unlikely to be correct procedure. But could it be an attempt to lay a false trail for me; recent events show that Bexley council is capable of anything? The allegation needed to be checked out. Over the weekend I liaised with the informer, got a name, address, phone number etc. and went to take a closer look at who was at the end of the phone line - and a file of papers. It all looks as reported so once again I shall hand over today’s blog to someone else…

“They did exactly the same to me when I was sacked. The statements used against me were all unsigned and undated to start off with. I think they do this in order to keep their options open and to have flexibility. If they are undated, they can choose an appropriate date to suit them if and when they even decide to use them. And presumably they are unsigned so that the person whose statement it is, does not have to commit to the contents of the statement until Bexley decide that their made-up account of events is safely plausible enough.

I had been outspoken in the past - probably whistle-blowing, come to think of it - so they took the opportunity to turn a minor disciplinary issue into a case of gross misconduct. What they are doing in the TIC case looks exactly like what they did to me - underhand and dishonest tactics.

The pattern is surprisingly similar. When I asked for disclosure of crucial documents that I knew existed, they denied them. Almost all of my requests for disclosure were refused.

There was a lot of dishonesty, deception and cover-up throughout my case. It was a real eye-opener for me, I tell you!”

The words above are taken directly from my informer’s email, slightly shortened to exclude anything for which evidence might be less than conclusive.


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