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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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11 June (Part 2) - Can’t answer; won’t answer

Tippett and CraskeLose, refuse, delay, dodge - that is the normal response when Bexley council is asked difficult questions, then recently we had the defence of questions being labelled rhetorical. On that occasion it was the ruthless Greg Tippett who dreamed up the new question avoidance scheme. Now he has found another. He has claimed that if anyone asks how he or his department justified reporting Martin Peaple to the police for carrying a placard on the pavement then only the police can answer the question. The man seems to be the epitome of deviousness.

A week or so ago one of the council whisperers referred to Mr. Tippett in a long email. Interesting though leaks can be they don’t usually satisfy my criteria of authenticity; I like to be able to put things within “quotation marks” because I absolutely know them to be true. I cannot therefore reveal much of the Parking Department leak and will probably do no more than confirm what you imagine to go on. In reviewing a less than clear case captured on camera someone in a senior position is alleged to have said “Put it through anyway, we’ll find a way around it; it won’t be the first time”. Another favoured phrase is said to be “There’s nothing like a ticket to sober you up at breakfast on a Monday morning”. Craske and Tippett, they look a nice pair don’t they?


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