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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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30 June (Part 3) - What the papers say

News Shopper front pageI think this website has been mentioned directly or indirectly in the News Shopper for something like five times in the last eight issues and the Chronicle has given it a mention in three recent issues. I not only have the editors to thank for that but the idiot councillor or official who provided the publicity boost back in April. There is an ‘audit trail’ that leads from the Bonkers Blog, via NotoMob all the way to the front page of this week’s News Shopper. No wonder someone on the council wanted me arrested.

On a personal level I’m not particularly keen on the limelight especially the label of protestor as that conjures up an image of banner waving troublemakers. Both Bonkers and Notomob play by the rules. No laws will be broken. Olly Cromwell sometimes pushes his luck further than I would be prepared to go but if he was routinely breaking the law I’m sure the council would have found some way to have him by now.

I was surprised to read in the News Shopper that Olly had not laid assault charges against “I can do what I like” Bailey as he told me had had done so, but it transpires that the police subsequently advised him that her assault was not a crime as it took place on council property. Olly, as you may have read in the News Shopper, has been banned from council meetings from next week. Bexley council never seems to learn, they keep fighting against modern communications media and by their ineptitude elevate the issue to ever higher plains. Their frantic desire to batten down the hatches has once again given Olly more publicity. He has attracted another high profile nationally known political figure to his cause today. Pushing the boundaries seems to pay dividends, Olly attracts big name MPs and MEPs and all I get is ex-councillors.


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