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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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15 March (Part 2) - Twankey’s toy-boy doesn’t take orders

She just can’t stop herself; here’s another extract from one of Twankey’s love letters to Nicholas Dowling…

Thank you for your email about the resent (sic) Council meeting. Had you listened to my welcome speech you would have heard that it was a Budget Meeting and not an ordinary Council Meeting, that there was no public participation or any facility for questions from the public. There are, indeed standing orders to cover ALL aspects of the procedures at ALL meetings held by the Council. Should you want to spend the time looking up the Council standing orders you may wish to look at S.O.19(3), S.O.25(ii) and S.O.19(3). (sic repetition.)

So Nick stands accused of trying to participate in Twankey’s pantomime from the wrong side of the orchestra pit and sent away with his tail between his legs to read some boring old Standing Orders. Unlike Citrine’s ABC they are not sitting in his book case ready to throw back at the wicked witch. What to do now Nick? In desperation he searches Bexley’s website for salvation.

Standing Order19(3). No discussion shall take place upon the minutes except upon their accuracy and any question upon their accuracy shall be raised by motion pursuant to S.O.25(ii) below. If no such motion is raised, or if raised then as soon as debate thereon has been concluded, the Mayor shall sign the minutes.

An extract from Standing Order 25(ii)…


The following motions may be moved without notice…

(ii) That the minutes are or are not accurate, in accordance with S.O.19(3) above.

So what do we have here then? It looks like we have a mayor behaving like an idiot again. She shuts Nick up at the meeting when he is trying to be helpful by bringing a mistake in the minutes to attention. She then writes to him referring him to Standing Orders S.O.19(3) and S.O. 25(ii) to back up her decision but it does no such thing. Corrections to minutes are exempted. It looks like Standing Orders can be added to Citrine’s ABC of Chairmanship as things Twankey should have read and memorised but hasn’t.

It seems a shame to let these blogs exposing Mayor Twankey as a complete fool drift into the background come April; so I have honoured her with a page of her own where we can keep them all for delectation at any time. With luck a Google search for ‘Mayor Val Clarke’ will soon provide a link to you know what.


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