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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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29 May (Part 4) - Round in circles - click any image for photo gallery (5 images)

Arts council websiteThere was a reader’s letter in the February issue of the Bexleyheath Chronicle criticising the fact that the taxpayer funded Arts Council of Bexley had links from its website to local Conservative party sites. In a letter the following month, councillor John Davey somewhat incredibly attempted to excuse it and was subsequently supported by councillor Catterall at a council meeting. Then someone had second thoughts and the front page links were withdrawn and hidden away where they couldn’t easily be seen.

But now we are back to square one big time. The only thing that is on the front page of the Arts Council site is what you see here. Four web links, two of them to the local Conservative party’s sites. I was not unduly critical of the previous compromise arrangement, not by Olly Cromwell’s standards anyway, but the current situation is just asking for more criticism. Does anyone really expect to Google Arts Council of Bexley and get a site that takes you to Lesnes Abbey Conservatives? Whether the fact that the links don’t work makes things better or even more idiotic I’m not sure.

Giving the page a title of ‘Jane McTrae’ would be just to confuse matters you might think, in fact it indicates the page is based on a template that loads of people have used. I have put some examples in the ‘photo gallery’; they are all titled ‘Jane McTrae’ and all look much the same (note the font on the names as well as the Jane McTrae title). Councillor Davey’s copyright notice on the web template is presumably to cover his sites’ content only. No one else claims copyright on the template.


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