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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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10 November (Part 3) - Self inflicted wounds

Bexley council endorsement of SeymourI was less than thorough when I stumbled across that advert for Melvin Seymour painter and decorator extraordinaire endorsed by Bexley council. I took a quick screen grab and drafted an FOI for someone to send but I didn’t know until the court case the following day that Melvin Seymour had pinned his harassment case on Olly revealing his address. I didn’t know then that Melvin Seymour had claimed that his wife, his children, his grandchildren were all living in fear because mad axe-man Olly had put a picture of Seymour’s house on Twitter. No address mind you so only psychics and estate agents could pay a visit.

Maybe some sympathy is in order; Elwyn Bryant’s wife wasn’t best pleased when Bexley council (or its associates) put Elwyn’s picture on the web labelled homosexual and I found it hard to see the funny side when Bexleyheath police put me in their note book as his partner. By comparison a picture of an anonymous maisonette in Crayford is hardly Crime of the Century, but Bexleyheath police thought it was at least Crime of the Month giving Bexley is Bonkers (incorrectly) top billing in their newsletter.

But I am digressing again…

Not having fully grasped the significance of Seymour and Bexley council putting Seymour’s address in the public domain, something Olly never did, my partial screen grab was barely adequate, especially when Bexley council pulled their gloss off the web as soon as they realised how deeply they had dropped Seymour into the emulsion. So a frantic search of cyberspace was required and not for the first time a search engine cache came up trumps. So I bring you with a flourish of brushes and wallpaper paste the full unexpurgated endorsement by Bexley council of Melvin Seymour’s decorating business. Please click on the green picture to see how he really is a very good painter.

Marvel how every aspect of his work is absolutely top notch, how he gives his address, and helpfully provides a map so you can visit, say good morning to his wife, offer sweets to his grandchildren, help protect his children from mad axe-men. And when you have done all that consider what sort of self-serving, immoral, perjurious bunch of amateur crooks would do a thing like that.

Is it any wonder they pulled the incriminating evidence the moment they realised they were rumbled?

For the record it was Bonkers that put Seymour’s address on the web. It was in the public domain already and Bexley council had taken the trouble to bring its Constitutional Committee together to decide whether putting people’s names and addresses on the web was ethical and unanimously came to the conclusion it was all OK. But that was for residents’ addresses, not special people, like Magistrates and councillors for example who may not like it and can call on the police to lock up bloggers any time they wish - even if they haven’t done what they are accused of. Hypocrites is too mild a word to describe them.

Note to councillor Melvin Seymour. If you do not reside at an address shown in the Register of Members’ Interests and repeated here, go and ask councillor Ball for advice on what to do about it. (Can’t do much about the Trader Register search engine cache though.)


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