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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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17 November (Part 1) - Councillors and lolly. Not to be parted

Lollipop ladyEveryone in the borough gets propaganda sheets from the Conservatives every so often. I ridiculed my last one a while ago. It doesn’t stop them. In the one currently going around Bexley village they say they have saved the School Crossing Patrols. Who proposed cutting them in the first place? Your friend and mine councillor Peter Craske. An abolition proposal put up by him as an ‘Aunt Sally’ to be sacrificially knocked down again. How cynical can Bexley council get? The mini-Pravda goes on to repeat the age old lies about the public gasping at Labour’s tax proposals. They didn’t, they jeered the Conservatives, and the porkie about having one of the lowest council tax rates in Outer London, and many more that there is no time to report as something more interesting is afoot. See next blog.

The Tory’s fib-sheet was printed by Newsquest Media, a branch of the same company that publishes The News Shopper which carries Bexley council’s statutory notices, but not yet the scandal of their obscene blogging. Other fine newspapers are available.


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