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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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1 November (Part 1) - “Lying”. The word is hostile, abusive, offensive and unreasonable

Cheryl BaconAs you know, Bexley council lies its socks off as normal practice and never more so than when it decides to defend a senior councillor. It’s not Peter Craske and a blog this time; it’s London Assembly Member Gareth Bacon’s missus Cheryl; lying like she was born to it. Very silly when a simple apology for her misjudgment would have ended the matter.

When the lies extended to providing my name to other members of the public - albeit ones I know pretty well - telling them how I had to be excluded from a committee meeting because of my rowdy behaviour I thought things had gone too far and made my first complaint in three years.

Almost needless to say Bexley council took a full month to do nothing about my complaint other than check councillor Cheryl Bacon’s statement which was the source of the lies complained about. For using the word “lying” once in my complaint I was threatened with Bexley council’s vexatious complaints procedure. The top brass at Bexley council must be either idiots or their job security is under threat from corrupt councillors. So I complained about the letter writer and then escalated the original complaint as required by Bexley’s procedures. Here is a flavour of the latter…

Mr. Hollier replied a month later but had only looked at councillor Bacon's statement and found it supported Mrs. Tyler's version of events. He failed to interview any other person as requested which is why I am seeking a review of my complaint. Viz. that Mrs. Tyler failed to properly analyse the four statements included in her FOI response to a member of the public and that her letters to that person and others included untruthful references to my bad behaviour, some by name. The review should include the originally requested interviews with councillors.

I think it is only fair to inform you that further developments have resulted in email correspondence from both political parties supporting my position and the council appears to have just one statement by the guilty party supported by Mrs. Tyler and Mr. Hollier, neither of whom witnessed anything.

The email may be read in full here.


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