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Bonkers Blog October 2013

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4 October (Part 3) - Cheryl Bacon is alone in referring to shouting. No other witness does so. Strange that!

It’s time to hear from councillor Cheryl Bacon again to see what other false statements she can come up with to justify her illegally held Closed Session meeting. I’ll start with this…
Bacon statement
There she goes again, “more shouting from the gallery”. The woman cannot stop herself. Non stop lying. The only thing that approached shouting came from Cheryl Bacon’s husband Gareth who isn’t even a member of the Public Realm Scrutiny meeting. Twice he called out something to the effect that if Nicholas recorded the meeting he would be “ejected”.

Mr. Barnbrook is accused of speaking to councillor Borella. That implies he went over to speak to him as the reverse certainly didn’t happen. Councillor Borella does not mention that in his report, neither does he ever use the word “shouting”. The worst he can come up with is “running commentary”.

There is a good reason for councillor Stefano Borella not mentioning a conversation with Mick Barnbrook. No such conversation took place. I have been able to ascertain that Elwyn Bryant exchanged a few words with councillor Borella. Both he and I were speaking to councillor Brenda Langstead during an adjournment and apparently Elwyn went on to speak to Stefano. I did not see that.

BaconThe important part of the extract above is that Cheryl Bacon (CB) is persisting with her lie that a group would not stop shouting. She uses that word or similar ones 19 times in her statement yet nowhere in the other three reports I have to hand does anyone refer to anyone making a loud noise at all. Councillor Borella’s reference to “running commentary” is neither qualified nor criticised.

Stefano Borella said that there was no aggression and councillor John Adams never refers to shouting either. Let me be very clear on this point. Cheryl Bacon was either in such a panic at the time, her voice had risen to the level of a squealing piglet, that her memory of the moment is hopelessly confused, or she is an outrageous liar.

It is a matter of some concern that when Mr. Barnbrook made his first complaint against councillor Bacon, the council’s legal officer Lynn Tyler, replied exonerating Bacon of all wrong doing because she only excluded disruptive members of the public. Tyler’s response quite deliberately ignored the evidence and takes into account only what Bacon said to protect herself. Some might consider that to be a clear case of Misconduct in Public Office by Lynn Tyler. Many of us know Mr. Barnbrook well enough by now to confidently predict his next move.

Bacon statement
“Closed Session” means only one thing. The public is not allowed in, and they weren’t. I appreciate it places him in an embarrassing position and I am sorry about that but I phoned Danny Hackett to see if anyone made any attempt to contact him and invite him to the reconvened meeting. He confirmed that no one did so and that he was not hiding away. I have irrefutable evidence that he remained in the Council Chamber until just before the police arrived. He may have wandered outside to the water dispenser or the veranda but both are only a handful of yards from the chamber door.

Cheryl Bacon conveniently couldn’t see him. Only Danny and myself absolutely certainly made neither a sound or a gesture during the meeting. Why was Danny given supposedly favourable treatment over me? The answer is that he wasn’t given favourable treatment and that was illegal.
Bacon Statement
I was watching Mick intently during this period and I can tell you that Mick was right up alongside Cheryl Bacon. He did not shout and why should he? His head was barely a foot from hers. He was calm and didn't even speak loudly.
Bacon statement
More ‘group’ nonsense in a further attempt to lessen Cheryl’s crime. “No members of the public attempted to enter the room.” Common sense dictates that would be because Cheryl made it very clear that no one was allowed in.

The Hallkeeper’s statement will be analysed next week. Finally more ‘group’ nonsense…
Bacon statement
The council’s note of what councillor Cheryl Bacon is alleged to have said is available in full here. If only she had said “I overreacted, I made a mistake, it won’t happen again” she would have come out of it with reputation unscathed. Now we know her true character and it is not pretty.


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