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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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26 February (Part 2) - Hello. Is there an honest councillor in Bexley?

MinutesI sent an email yesterday to all the councillors listed in the minutes of the meeting of 19th June 2013 seeking some sort of statement on whether or not there was any misbehaviour by the public during the Public Realm meeting on 19th June 2013.

Councillor Cheryl Bacon has already made a statement which I know to be a fantasy so I didn’t send the email to her.

Nicholas Dowling once sent an email to all councillors and was rewarded only with a reply from leader Teresa O’Neill to say she had ordered her army not to reply. I am expecting the same this time around, but I felt the email was a necessary part of the procedure before submitting the names Alabi, Bacon, Hollier, Tuckley, Tyler and Sandhu to the police with an allegation of Misconduct in Public Office. I have already been in contact with a Deputy Assistant Commissioner at the Met. about it. There is no point in subjecting Borough Commander Ayling to the political interference which Bexley council will exert and risk another police career if it can be avoided.

If evidence that Teresa O’Neill is manipulating things behind the scenes comes to light it will be one more name to add to the list going to the police.

In a day or two I should know whether there was a single honest councillor at Bacon’s meeting or whether they are all crooks, cheats and charlatans.

The email may be read here. An Index to all related blogs and documents is also available.


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