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News and Comment March 2017

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18 March (Part 2) - Albion Road to be closed. Expect traffic chaos

Maybe you have been steering well clear of Bexleyheath and its perpetual road disruption but it might be best to keep abreast of what Bexley Council is trying to do to make matters worse so that you might judge when to dare risk a return.

The map below should give some idea of what is happening through to the end of the year.
Bexley Council is constantly making roads too narrow and introducing artificial obstructions with the intention of creating congestion and extra pollution.

It will be interesting to see the effect on the queue to enter the Shopping Centre car park. It frequently stretches back as far as the Townley Road roundabout which might be acceptable on a dual carriageway but the plan is to make Albion Road single width.

A new set of Bexley Council excuses was distributed to local residents yesterday.


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