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Bonkers Blog May 2017

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15 May (Part 2) - Tosser on TV

TosserI can’t remember when I last watched the BBC’s Panorama, I suppose I must have done since Richard Dimbleby fooled the nation with his spaghetti trees spoof. But I did this evening.

The programme was about how Bexley Council is persecuting residents and smokers in particular. You really should catch it on iPlayer.

The litter enforcement is being done by a cowboy outfit called Kingdom. They heavily incentivise their staff to issue as many penalties as possible and teach them how to lie and cheat. It’s exactly what you would expect from Bexley Council.

For me one of the most damning comments by Kingdom was that they are not prepared to do business with Councils unprepared to come down hard on offenders. They won’t do business with Councils which would prefer to be reasonable.

I shall be looking at Deputy Director of Public Realm David Bryce-Smith with a jaundiced eye in future, I have given the waffling incompetent an easy time up until now. Not any more.

The idea to employ the disreputable Kingdom company came from the disreputable Batman enthusiast, Councillor Peter Craskeְ, as part of his ‘Don’t be a Tosser’ (like him) campaign.

The Evening Standard's report summarizes all the main points made by the Panorama programme.


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