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Bonkers Blog May 2018

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7 May (Part 1) - Site migration - All done

After all that site migration planning I did it a different way, more preparation but the disruption for blog viewers (and most of the other pages) lasted only seconds. Or it would have done except that my test site was four days behind the live blogs and due to a quirk in my editing software the latest blogs dodged the update procedure. The fix was easy but it took 20 minutes of head scratching to work out what the problem was.

Desktop users may notice that the background color changes as the window width is dragged, this is part of my test procedure. The new site allows four different appearances geared to different sized screens and the different colours proves to me that the appropriate set of instructions are being picked up. At the moment, apart from the background colours, they are all the same. It could for example provide a more compact menu for use on mobiles. Right now everything is just a scaled down desktop menu.

This morning sees the first double resolution image on the new Crossrail photo page. Crossrail and similar pictures used to be limited to one width and twelve defined heights. There are now no restrictions.

My Android phone with Chrome browser needed its History cleared to get rid of some problems; so did the Windows version.


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