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Bonkers Blog April 2019

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12 April (Part 1) - In good company

TelegraphI spent a couple of hours in the company of John Watson, Elwyn Bryant and Mick Barnbrook yesterday afternoon, all one time frequent contributors to Bonkers. Not so much now, Anno Domini and all that.

Elwyn, and not for the first time, told me what he thinks of his MP James Brokenshire. I think it can be summarised politely as “very disappointed”.

The problem with Elwyn is that he has this weird belief in politicians respecting the manifestos upon which they steal your vote. He seems to think they are honourable gentlemen and not just people intent on protecting their jobs and their own backsides.

Because of his belief in their intrinsic honesty I sometimes think he over eggs the pudding, making no allowance for the fact that James Brokenshire is a Conservative Cabinet Member and therefore almost by definition not to be trusted.

However it would appear that Elwyn is in good company, with The Daily Telegraph no less, for upon opening my copy this morning, what did I find in its Editorial column? Severe criticism of the MP for Old Bexley & Sidcup, one James Brokenshire.

Sir Roger Scruton, his housing guru, said that Islamophobia had become “a propaganda word” and that to him all Chinese people looked alike. Snowflake Brokenshire didn’t like it.

You can imagine how much I dislike people who try to stifle freedom of speech.

Next time I see Elwyn I will ask him to expand on some of his Brokenshire stories which date back to about 2008 to see if it would be worthwhile regurgitating them here. No more sitting on the fence where Dishonourable Members are concerned!

Meanwhile the housing situation remains dire under Brokenshire’s leadership; but Islam and the Chinese are protected - so that’s all right then.


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