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12 April (Part 3) - Virtue signalling

TweetWhen I saw this Tweet late last night the hackles went straight up. When they do the best course of action is to sleep on it, so I did.

The question is should I say my piece about it here? The answer is actually quite easily found, if Bexley Tories had done something similar I would likely jump on it straight away and despite what Councillor Philip Read would have you believe, I am not a Labour Troll.

Last night the new Sikh Temple in Belvedere was looking for planning permission. Approval was pretty much a foregone conclusion. There is already a temple on the site, the Sikhs are peaceful law abiding people and deserve a decent place in which to worship. The Planning Officers had given it their blessing and no one except just possibly a few neighbours (the comments section on the Planning Portal are not yet available for viewing) were likely to object.

As you might expect the new Gurdwara was approved unanimously.

So why did the Leader of Bexley’s Labour Party who is not a member of the Planning Committee think he should add his twopennyworth at the meeting when it was inevitable that his input was entirely redundant? Preaching to the converted.

I cannot see how it could be for any reason than to be able to put out the sort of Tweet you see here and to curry favour with the Sikh Community.

I suppose I am still not accustomed to the self serving ways of politicians. This Tweet is in exactly the same category as the ones put out by the Conservatives after Labour Councillor Wendy Perfect did all the legwork and arranged the necessary meetings to set the wheels in motion for the removal of a troublesome bus stop in Northumberland Heath.

The Tories who had done nothing about the problem bus stop for seven whole years had no conscience about posing for photographs hoping to convince a gullible electorate that all the credit should be directed at themselves.

The only outcome is cynicism for the lot of ’em.


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