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Bonkers Blog January 2019

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26 January - Are we nearly there yet?

Harrow Manorway queue
Closed bus stopIt would be easy to blame the transport chaos in Abbey Wood on the uncaring governing elite that lives far to the south but there are other factors in play. The utility companies have thoroughly messed up the planned Harrow Manorway rebuilding schedule and Transport for London have not been a lot better but you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, some disruption is inevitable.

Nevertheless those who govern the Northern Territories ought to be reminded occasionally of what dwellers there have to put up with on a daily basis, it is more than five years since the Crossrail related road and rail chaos began.

The past week has offered a perfect illustration of the inconvenience dished out by Bexley Council on a regular basis.

The first Abbey Wood bound bus stop south of Thamesmead (Newacres Library) was closed more than a year ago - I have the photos - and still is. The next one was closed last week (small Photo 1) and the following one has been closed occasionally. There has been no southbound bus stop opposite the station since March 2018 - photos again.

It might only be a ten minute walk to the railway station but anyone living around Sewell or Ampleforth Roads will have suffered the consequences although Bexley Council may not be too worried about that, both are across the borough boundary.

Neither is it any use trying one’s luck in Yarnton Way, the bus stops there have been closed since at least last August.

Closed bus stop Closed bus stop Closed bus stop Closed bus stop


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