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Bonkers Blog October 2019

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10 October (Part 2) - Poles again

I had hoped that the forty plus ugly poles that had sprouted up within spitting distance of Abbey Wood station - the unpleasant phrase is probably excusable in Abbey Wood - might have some redeeming feature, like Bexley Council using them for flower baskets, but I should have known better. Most are to be used to tell residents what to do.

Photo 1 is a nice one, the bridge height limit cannot be seen behind the road width sign but what would you expect from Bexley’s Highways Department? It may have had less potential for catastrophic damage if they were placed the other way around.

You would be nuts to take the indicated route to The Thames Innovations Centre too. You may also note that we are past the predicted Felixstowe Road reopening date. Everything runs late.

Right next to the station which one might have hoped would be a drop off point, stopping is Taxis Only. Black Licensed Cabs only if what the Traders’ Association was told is true.

And those poor Felixstowe Road shop owners. They have endured years of Crossrail inflicted hell and now Bexley Council decrees that no one can stop outside their shops without showing a Blue Badge.

Pole Pole Pole Pole Pole Pole Pole Pole Pole Pole

The camera Exif data shows that Photos 5 and 8 were taken only a minute apart - they are not displayed in chronological sequence. During that time I was approached by two beggars asking for fifty pence and separately an abusive man and his dog demanding to see my Street Photography Licence, whatever that may be. I almost never go into Abbey Wood with cash in my pocket, it is not a very nice place to be at the best of times. Avoid it if you can.


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