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News and Comment September 2019

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19 September (Part 1) - The Invisible Man - and woman

While wading through the backlog of ancient emails I came across two that were sort of related from nearly a month ago. Both anonymous and I would guess from different people, but who knows?

Paul MooreOne asks if I have seen Deputy Chief Executive Paul Moore recently and do I know what he is currently up to. It goes on to commiserate with him for once again not being picked for the Chief Executive role.

The other question was “Is the new Chief Executive Jackie Belton any good?” The flippant answer to both questions is “How the hell should I know, no one talks to me”. Almost no one that is; I have spoken to both Councillors James Hunt (Conservative) and Danny Hackett (Independent) in the past two weeks but only about aeroplanes and cars (his and mine) respectively.

I too commiserate with Paul Moore’s failure to win the top job. He has given the best years of his life to Bexley and all the time BiB has been in existence survived as Deputy to the Chief Executive so he must be competent at his job and he’s always been good enough to stand in for the Chief Executive when they suddenly disappear for whatever reason.

Somebody must have it in for him but where he is now I am not sure. I have heard he is on holiday, I have heard he is on sick leave and I have heard he has been replaced by a namesake.

Time will no doubt tell.

Is Jackie Belton any good? I don’t know. Nothing to judge her on, I have been to all the big Council meetings since she arrived and have come to the conclusion she is probably mute.


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