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News and Comment April 2020

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20 April (Part 1) - Odd Bins

Bin collections were supposed to be back to the revised normal last week with food waste due for a restart today. In accordance with many Social Media instructions from Bexley Council I left all my bins out all week as did my neighbours in the expectation of a Saturday collection; normally Friday but there has been a bank holiday.

Early on Saturday morning a certain old lady was in trouble so I left home by car at 07:25. Two dustbin lorries were in the adjacent Abbey Road, not sure which as they were some distance away.

Upon my return I found not a single bin emptied. I asked a neighbour if he knew what was going on. He said one man walked down the road, lifted various lids and carried on. No refuse collection lorry followed.

I am not seriously inconvenienced so I won’t complain too much but I have lost count of the number of weeks missed. One neighbour had his bin missed a month ago when mine was emptied. Maybe I should join the ranks of the complainers, the situation is not at all good and it is beginning to look like incompetence.


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