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News and Comment December 2020

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22 December - Are you Pleb or Posh?

Covid test station Covid test station Covid test stationIf you are feeling under the weather or just plain curious while lurking under the flyover in Abbey Wood there is a welcoming tent where the friendly staff will administer a Covid test with its sensitivity turned up to maximum. If you had a bad cold in the summer of 2019 you will probably be sent home to self isolate.

If you just happen to be in the Civic Offices you can have the same test in relative comfort. You may not recognise Photos 2 and 3 but I know the passageway to the Council bogs when I see it.

I am pleased to announce that for the first time since 2017 I am heading towards Christmas without the slightest hint of a sniffle, the result no doubt of leading a boring life. No pub since the first Sunday of March, fewer than ten visits (†) to someone else’s house - remember when Boris allowed you to do that? - and shopping once a week at most. The Amazon bill is frightening.

And all for what? The foregoing admission probably explains that since April I have not known anyone who has gone down with the bug. Right at the beginning of Lockdown One I knew of a case in a Care Home which was Touch and Go but who is still around to tell the tale.

I find it shocking that the Government is still relying on a failed scientist to guide their decisions. They said he had been sacked from SAGE, not for being wrong about every disease forecast this millennium, but for bonking someone else’s wife during Lockdown One. Every time I begin to feel sorry for Boris Johnson’s predicament it evaporates with his latest ill-judged decision.

How is it that asymptomatic infection is rated so highly? We are told the infection spreads by air born moisture expelled from lungs and airways which I do not doubt and if your lungs etc. are so infected you are sure to know all about it. Anyone who has had the flu will know that.

So by definition if you are asymptomatic your airways are as clear a mine are. How are those clear airways spewing up bugs mutant or otherwise?

I can find medical reports that purport to prove my theory correct but no evidence from those who insist it is a major problem. Charlatans all probably.

When I spent a day or two with every close family member in both 2018 and 2019 while barely able to stand due to my coughing and inflated temperature not one of them caught the bug. This year without a hint of illness Boris bans me from visiting my son and granddaughter. No I would not vote for him if there was an election tomorrow.

† Note: Excluding permitted care duty visits.


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