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News and Comment February 2020

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12 February (Part 3) - Does anyone know?

Bexley BypassMaybe you have wondered about that unnecessary roundabout at the northern exit of North Cray Road. When I moved to the area and that road had a 60 m.p.h. limit I looked forward to the planned Bexley Bypass. I suspect some were against, there was bound to be someone who would lose a house or garden or suffer noise pollution.

On the other hand a lot of village dwellers might have been delighted by the plans.

Then it all went quiet and I forgot about it, I expect most people did - but not everyone.

I wondered if you had an update on the Bexley By-Pass?

It was due for removal from the borough plan in January 2020 but I can get no one in Bexley Council to give me any info. Do you have a way to find out?

Ask Highways Department or a local Councillor I suppose. What are the chances of any of them sending an answer, via the Anonymous Contact if preferred?


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