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News and Comment February 2020

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16 February (Part 1) - The Metropolitan Police’s aversion to seeing justice done

Two months ago reference was made here to what family members were telling me about the skullduggery organised by the Metropolitan Police in their continuing effort to cover up the murder of Private Eye Daniel Morgan who was on the brink of exposing police involvement in burglary and drug running in SE London.

I felt unable to reveal all that I knew but it was presumably clear from what was written that I am firmly of the opinion that there is no way that Teresa May should have appointed the current Commissioner to her position. From earlier events she must have known exactly what sort of individual she was dealing with.

Today what I knew two months ago has entered the public domain via Byline Times. The police are preventing the only honest Daniel Morgan murder investigator they had from giving evidence to the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel. Byline Times reports that they are doing so in collusion with the CPS by accusing him of a crime for which he has already been found to be innocent by the Met Police’s Professional Standards Directorate.

The Met’s propaganda machine is working well. They are fooling the Home Secretary and they have fooled the newspapers into reporting that the only honest officer involved is corrupt.
Byline Times
The one police officer who collaborated with Daniel Morgan on his enquiries was found dead six months after Daniel was killed.

Note: Daniel Morgan was the younger brother of my daughter’s long term partner.


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