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News and Comment March 2020

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18 March (Part 1) - See you on the others side?

News came through late yesterday afternoon that the four imminent Bexley Council Overview and Scrutiny Committees are cancelled which is the same decision made by Greenwich Council earlier the same day. The Council’s website lists all the minor meetings such as the Transport Users’ Sub-Committee scheduled for tomorrow as CANCELLED too.

In normal circumstances abandoning meetings would be seen as an appalling attack upon democracy but these are not normal times. Bexley Council has little choice but to do what it plans to do.

Without the occasional meeting to report BiB is likely to be even more muted than recently.

Over in East Ham I have still had no response from the Care Agency apart from that they would speak to staff about "my concerns" over the lack of hand washing and let me know what they decided to do. They have not.

Not good enough. I involved the Care Quality Commission and their Inspector immediately intervened. Hands were washed on arrival yesterday evening and this morning.

What level of intelligence is in charge of that Care Agency? East Ham as I rediscovered on a late night visit on Monday is a foreign land where different standards apply to every aspect of human life.


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