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27 March - It’s getting closer

Only yesterday I said that I knew no one with the bug; not any more. The brother of a friend has it plus his two children, and his wife is in hospital. I have not seen any of them for about five years and fortunately my friend hasn’t either for a month or so. It is is a timely reminder that no one is safe unless they stay indoors and that can be very difficult.

I have not been in a supermarket since last Thursday but I have had an SOS from the East Ham carer that she needs kitchen bin bags and I am not at all sure it is worth popping into Sainsbury’s just for that. (Are you listening Danny?) It is not as though Newham Council’s refuse services are good enough to make one think that clean bins are a priority.

Keen as I am that people behave sensibly I cannot quite get my head around the reaction of some police forces around the country. Allegedly fining someone who had a birthday card in his shopping basket of essential goods and rather more reliable evidence that Derby Police think flying drones over cars that have been driven to places of exercise - a wide open National Park - is a sensible use of resources. Have they really not got any more important matters to attend to or is their senior management lacking in common sense?

A local equivalent might be people living on the narrow streets of Erith driving to Frank’s Park or Lesnes Abbey in order to better observe the two metre rule. The argument that they might have a car accident is nonsense. Everyone should know that most accidents occur in the home especially when the unskilled are being nagged into DIY projects to pass the time.

Meanwhile the tubes are still crowded and buses are to run to a Sunday timetable.

It is too easy to sleep walk into a Police State because too many police officers are power obsessed but maybe that is the biased opinion of someone who has had a distant relative murdered by corrupt police, seen that murder covered up by a succession of Commissioners including the present one who has frustrated the Home Office enquiry over several years and that is without mentioning being attacked three times by the police in Bexley for providing news here. Not one check on whether Councillor’s complaints have been justified. No action eventually because there was no justification. It makes it hard for this law abiding citizen - not even a parking ticket ever - to have any respect for the police.

I watched one of those fly on the wall cop shows on a friend’s TV a couple of months ago and found myself rooting for the fugitives. Worrying, but that is the corner a politically correct, overzealous, Common Purpose, frequently not too bright bunch of greasy pole climbing senior officers eventually drives one into.

They should act in a reasonable fashion with their heads fully engaged or the rot might spread.


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