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News and Comment March 2020

Index: 2020

31 March - Relief is on its way

Food parcelsReports are coming in that Food Aid is hitting doorsteps across the borough. The logistics must be a nightmare but it is happening. Quite an achievement in such a short time.

The food delivery for a couple of vulnerable people is typically a loaf of white bread, a pack of digestive biscuits, a handful of tea bags, a few coffee sachets and some soya milk.

For a more substantial meal there is one tin of baked beans, a tin of tuna, another of fruit and a packet of dried pasta.

It would be churlish to complain but that is not going to sustain life for very long is it? All the more reason for neighbours to offer help.

A telephoned report said that piles of discarded rotting meat may be seen on a footpath near to Bexley Station. What else would you expect from the irresponsible supermarket shelf strippers seen two and three weeks ago?


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