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22 May - Operation Restore

While Bexley Council was electing its new Mayor I was in my new home in Newham, at least that is what it is beginning to feel like. The result is that I know nothing about virtual Council meetings except that not every Councillor is happy about the way things are going.

The Labour Group said as much in a Press Release.

In particular they do not like the fact that Councillors are allowed to turn their cameras off during meetings, so who knows if they are attending or not, and that Operation Restore forecast two days ago is not open for Scrutiny. Not surprising if the plan is to be based on a job lot set of procedures imported from the failed borough of Barnet.
Press Release

Click image to read all of the Labour Group Press Release.

Having made up a lame excuse to justify their refusal to scrutinise Corona restoration plans, Conservative Councillors immediately decided that the newly cobbled together rule did not apply when there wasn’t a dirty secret to be protected.

If this was a ruling by newly elected Mayor James Hunt it is a very disappointing start. A better decision was the one to reprimand the Twitter addicted Councillor Philip Read for indulging his habit while he should have been paying attention to the meeting.


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