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News and Comment April 2021

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4 April - It’s Easter and I may break more than a chocolate egg

Easter cardNothing here today, I am off to do a DIY job for a friend. Replacing an old telephone extension cable with a better quality one routed in a more sensible fashion. It can be done from outside and within an attached garage but if I make sufficient progress, which I won’t because stage 2 involves climbing into the loft, I’ll have to nip inside to make the final connection where three vaccinated people will contrive to create a new Covid variant over a cup of tea.

There will inevitably be much conversation along the lines of stuff Boris Johnson while we dice with imminent death.

I have received four Happy Easter messages via WhatsApp and text message. One from a church going Christian and three from Muslims - but no real Easter Egg, only the card shown here. Miserable lot! 😉

Happy Easter to all.


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