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News and Comment April 2021

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14 April - The bin tax

IncineratorI must confess I hadn’t noticed and required an email reminder or two but it is not just car parking charges that went up by 30% this month, the garden waste collection charge is being hiked by a similar amount.

Last November 30th I paid £40 for a service I do not use every fortnight and now it maxes out at £55. That’s more than twice what I paid when the garden waste service began - there was an early bird enticement to sign up.

At around £3 for collection of a frequently half full bin I doubt I will bother any more. The main casualty will be my neighbour’s hedge and front lawn.

If you have a borderline need for the waste collection service, now might be the time to think of what you should do come renewal time.

The waste charge has always been a bit of a scam. When the system was changed from free combined garden and food waste to the current segregated one Bexley Council gained £440,000 a year from recycling the cleaner waste. They successfully duped residents into thinking that payment was unavoidable.

If prices had risen in line with inflation you would be paying no more than £34.
Waste charge

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