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News and Comment August 2021

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16 August (Part 1) - Outsourcing not going well?

Bin strikes in Bexley, maybe Croydon and now Sandwell in the West Midlands but there it is the GMB Union fighting complaints against Serco pretty much the same as those of Unite in Bexley. What does that say about Serco or are all unions as bad as each other?

Maybe outsourcing is not a good idea at all. Nearer to home in Barnet the Council went overboard with outsourcing and handed the whole borough to Capita on a plate ten years ago. It seems not to have gone well.

Should planning applications be handled by a private company? Planning always provokes thoughts of back handers but if staff are jumping back and forth between property companies one of which takes the planning application fees; what next?

Socialist Worker Sandwell strike

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