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News and Comment August 2021

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26 August (Part 2) - Bexley Council. Making Money from Misery

Scamming againThere have been two days of moans and it’s about time BiB returned to Bexley matters. Here’s a gentle transition from one to the other.

Following a tip off I diverted on my way home from QEH along Powis Street Woolwich to WH Smith’s to buy the current issue of Private Eye. After checking that it did indeed feature Bexley’s latest misdeed I went to the cash desk at the exit. There wasn’t one only a self-service machine where a woman was clearly having some difficulty.

I wandered towards the rear of the shop where a Post Office worker said there was no other way of paying.

At the front of the shop the lady was still struggling with the self-service machine with another would-be customer in the queue behind her.

At that moment the first customer crashed the machine and it started flashing red. She walked out and I contemplated following her.

The second customer pressed a few buttons to no avail and wandered off to find help making appropriate comment about Smith’s and noting that the shop was near empty.

A minute later someone came to reset the machine and I made my purchase without difficulty. I saw nowhere to place cash or get change although the software display provide that option; I used a card easily enough.

Shops like that deserve to fail don’t they?

I know nothing more of Bexley Council’s latest financial scam than can be read here. Who is going to use the FOI Act to find out how much money has to be returned?


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