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News and Comment December 2021

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24 December (Part 3) - Wrapping up

95a Woolwich Road
It’s fewer than three months since Bexley Council refused to allow Mr. Singh to extend his property in Woolwich Road. It was “unsympathetic” but he is back already. A new plan was submitted last week. 21/03431/FUL

Free money
TweetWithin an hour of news appearing here of the Department for Work and Pensions giving Bexley Council £1·5 million to hand out to its vulnerable residents the local Tory propaganda channel was shamelessly implying it was down to their own generosity.

#thecaringborough. I think not see below also…

Be careful. No free Christmas parking
In earlier years Bexley Council sometimes made a gesture towards Christmas by providing a a day of free car parking to help the shops although there was a tendency not to advertise it well and allow the machines to continue to take money. This year parking is free on Christmas Day when the traffic wardens demand a day off and no one will want to visit shopping centres. It is not even any use to your visitors for parking outside your house as it’s a Saturday when residents’ parking is generally free anyway.

On every other day normal rules apply. #thecaringborough

Happy Christmas
I have wondered how to acknowledge and thank the Councillors who have maintained friendly relations during the past year but one can never be sure if they would wish to be publicly thanked such are the rivalries that exist in political circles. For going beyond the needs of the strictly necessary I should be thanking 55% of Labour Councillors, 100% of the two Independent Councillors and 20% of the Conservatives, a number I expect to increase following the May election.

There is also the small handful of internal whistleblowers. Thanks to everyone and may your Christmases be free of the Greek alphabet.


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